Trading Programs

About Our Trading Programs is an education and information company. We provide high quality free and premium content focused exclusively on the trading of highly liquid stocks, stock market indices and ETFs. We employ 100% systematic trading strategies, based on price and moving averages using intermediate to longer-term position trading systems. We do not do any type of shorter term day trading or swing trading at all. We have been posting our trades, entries and exits, as well as open positions in real time on our Public Twitter Feed since January 2013, and have developed a following currently of over 30,000 people, based in large part to the success and accuracy of our trades.

Systematic Trading Process

Systematic trading, also known as mechanical trading, or rules-based trading, is the opposite of discretionary trading, and seeks to used pre-defined entry, exit and position sizing rules to structure trades to eliminate discretion, bias, prediction and emotional overrides.

Our systems are quantitative in nature and based on Reactive Technical Analysis using Price and Moving Averages. We do not use any type of Fundamental Analysis, do not have opinions on any markets that we trade, or make any type of predictions or market calls. We believe that all known data is captured by Price, and that fundamental data or predictive techniques allow a trader to develop directional biases and see what they "want to see", which often prevents them from objectively following price. 

We started to develop our own Systematic Trading Process when we realized some very important inefficiencies in a discretionary approach:

  • Fundamental analysis does not necessarily provide any insights into the actual direction of market prices.
  • Most traders and investors do not have any type of carefully planned out exit/risk management strategies when a position moves against them, or to successfully navigate through prolonged downtrends and Bear Markets.
  • The Trader is usually the weakest link in any trading system, as they allow directional bias, and emotions to influence their decision making process. Price based trading systems are quantitative in nature and create consistent, disciplined, signals which eliminate discretionary bias.
  • Many traders hold onto their losing trades for too long and sell their winners too quickly. Our programs are designed to correct these inefficiencies.

We have developed very comprehensive, robust strategies focused on Absolute Returns and designed to trade though all market conditions, both Bull, Bear and Trendless markets. Our trading process has been refined over 20 years and trades Intermediate to Longer-Term Momentum, Breakout and Trend Following Programs. We run three core proprietary programs, and have successfully traded through the 2000 - 2002 Bear Market and the 2007 - 2009 Bear Market.


Our trading programs are ideal for those who are looking to capture intermediate to longer term moves in leading stocks and ETFs, yet who do not have the time or desire to look at a computer screen all day or have to trade very actively. Our average holding period for winning trades currently stands at just over 8 months, and it is not uncommon for us to be in a winning trade for a year or longer.

We focus exclusively on a diversified basket of Global ETFs and highly liquid stocks that have a market cap greater than $1B and average daily volume over 1 million shares. We gravitate to highly liquid, institutional quality names and industry leaders, such as Apple, Bank of America, Caterpillar, Facebook, Google, Haliburton, Micron Technologies, Merck, Morgan Stanley, and US Steel, for example.