Trend Trading Signals

Trend Trading Signals provides high quality financial markets trading signals, charts, global market commentary, insights and education using a proprietary, price-based systematic trend following process.

Why We're Different

TrendTradingSignals is unique because we cover three key aspects of trading

Systematic Trading Signals & Charts

We provide exact entries, exits, stop losses and trade management on all of our positions and a Daily Best Ideas watchlist.

Global Market Technical Analysis & Commentary

We provide high level Technical Analysis and commentary of 20 major global financial markets, including equity indices, rates, commodities, and FX markets, and ETFs. 

Educational Content to Help You Develop Your Own System

For those who want to learn to develop their own trading program, we provide educational and instructional blogs, videos, and webinars to help you learn to develop, implement and trade your own rules based process.


Systematic Trading & Why You Should Join

Systematic Trading, also known as rules-based trading, employs pre-defined entry, exit and position sizing rules to structure trades in a quantitative strategy to reduce discretion, bias, prediction and emotional involvement.

We seek to capture outsized intermediate to longer term price trends in highly liquid mid cap, large cap and mega-cap Stocks and Global Multi-Market ETFs. We focus  on intermediate to longer term position trades using Trend Following, Momentum and Breakout, price-based trading programs.

All members receive the following:

  • Access to our Private Twitter Feed which includes:
    • Daily trade alerts, charts and signals, with entries, exits & stop points on our positions.
    • Daily market analysis, commentary and insights of leading stocks and ETFs
    • Our updated open positions in real time and Daily Best Ideas list 
  • A members-only daily market recap and position update video
  • Premium level blog of markets and trading strategies
  • Weekly Global macro trend alerts of 16 key Global stock and financial markets
  • A week ahead preview video with our techical analysis of key markets and Best Ideas list 
  • Access to our proprietary educational posts and videos
  • A monthly webinar for Members to discuss current markets and our trading strategies

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