Trading Consultation

Our Skype Trading Consultations are for 90 minutes. We use a Comprehensive, Structured PowerPoint Outline for the consultations, which will help you develop and implement a comprehensive 10 Step Systematic Trading Program in it's entirety.

We will use a complete PowerPoint presentation, and detailed chart instruction, using screen sharing software, so that you will see every aspect of our presentation.

We offer both private one-on-one consultation calls as well as group calls. Please fill out the form on this page or email us at for availability and pricing information.

Our Skype consultations cover

  • Developing a complete 10 Step Written Trading Program
  • How to follow a Systematic, Rules Based Trading process
  • Developing a Longer-term mindset, to eliminate emotion and staring at a screen all day
  • Comprehensive Risk Management,
  • Correct Position Sizing,
  • Our actual Core Trend Following/Momentum Program, with entry and exits, and daily Screening process
  • Strategies to help you manage winning trades and stay in profitable trades longer
  • Detailed chart analysis
  • Q & A.

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